The game went into the production development phase eight months ago. Let's take a look at the current state of the development. I had to make some changes to my life, I had to reduce allotted time for the game development by half. I was working too much for too long. So things may now not move as fast as they did, however I'm currently working on a solution to that problem.

Current state of production assets
Note: The game consists of three chapters. The main portion of the assets consist of scenes' background illustrations and characters' illustrations and animations.

I created all background illustrations and all character illustrations for the game's third chapter and then started animating those characters, however I stopped right about in the middle of that process and decided to focus on creating all the background illustrations for all the chapters first. I'm currently painting background illustrations for the game's second chapter. 

Sometimes I share some of those illustrations on my Instagram. You may follow me there to see some sneak peeks of the production assets.