A major breakthrough is most likely about to happen this year. If things keep moving forward the project should get into its final production phase. That would mean having most of the production assets finished, pretty much all of them except music and rendered video cutscenes. It's those cutscenes and music that are the subject of the final production phase. What's exciting is that everything up until that point can be done without recording production voiceovers and thus it means the big event of recording the voiceovers with actors is scheduled for this year. It's happening. However there's a lot of work to be done on those cutscenes. There's over 15 minutes of rendered video in total in the game. So don't get too excited just yet, the game won't be realeased this year and still too soon to estimate any actual release date.

Team update
I've extended the development team again to even further speed up the production process. Along with an animator, there is now an illustrator temporarily working on the game as well.

This year looks promising. We are yet another step closer to the finish line.