I'm creating a story driven videogame and thus even though I'm a videogame developer it might not be even that strange that the biggest source of inspiration for my work doesn't come from another videogames but from writers and I would like to dedicate this post to my most favorites.

Tom Kapinos
Tom wrote Californication which still to this very day is hands down my most beloved show. I've never loved any character as much as I do love Hank Moody. Later Tom was the creator of Lucifer which is another show I greatly enjoyed. Tom's stuff are very funny and soulful and might be the reason why I chose to write comedy.

Sam Esmail
Even though I love Californication just a slightly bit more than Mr. Robot, I would say that Mr. Robot is the best show ever written. Probably the most raw authentic pitch perfect piece of writing I saw. Because of Sam psychological thrillers became my most favorite genre and it's now what I mainly write myself. And yeah voiceovers, my videogame has them too.

Vince Gilligan
You all probably know Vince Gillian, he's the creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. The complexity of his writing is out of this world. Vince inspired me to be creating a complex background worlds and pay attention to details.

And thus this might shed some light on why I am working on a complex mix of psychological thriller and satirical comedy with voiceovers. The development of the videogame is still moving forward and I can't wait to finally show it to you.