The development of the original videogame which this current videogame is a complete remake of started in summer of 2014. It's been eight years since the beginning of this journey. That's way too longer than I ever anticipated this journey would take and even though it was a beautiful journey, at times finishing it honestly felt impossible. Making videogames is fun but it just takes a lot of time. In the last post I mentioned that I had to reduce my allotted time for the game development by half which made the finish line feel even more distant. However, I was working on a solution to this problem and now I've finally resolved it.

Team update
I'm no longer alone for the game development, I do now have an animator/illustrator helping me out. I'm still on the task to illustrate all the scenes' backgrounds, but now characters' illustrations and animations are simultaneously being produced as well. That's a huge difference.

And so it might perhaps take a decade in total to finish this videogame, but it's not impossible. It's like the moon. Getting there felt impossible, until one day it finally wasn't. And this is the same, we are getting to the moon, we are getting the game done.