This post is a follow-up story on a previous post "Having a dream come true". I'm back from the dev conference. It was an interesting and powerful experience. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. Because of my anxiety issues I'm having a difficult times talking to strangers yet they were the main reason I was actually going there. I was cut off from this world, from other devs and artists. For a long time I was developing in secret and now I'm making my game alone at home. You might know the feeling yourself, like you don't fit in. Where do I belong? That is the question, the quest to find it. I've tried a different places before, but this must be the place, right? 

So I was nervous and worried about getting too anxious. What will I do? What if I can't do it? To talk to anyone. I'm not gonna push myself too far at any cost. That's is not what ends well. To my suprise the anxiety almost wasn't there. Instead for a few days I felt awakened, truly connected to who I really am. I met some people, I played some new games and while speaking to other devs I got the opportunity to think about things that never even occurred to me before. Like I could be actually showcasing my game there myself.

Surprisingly there was even quite a few adventure games presented. It seems like the passion about the genre still remains. So I'm probably excited about making games more than ever and I'm excited to keep working and make this actually happen. I'm happy to say that after a long journey I finally truly realize I have something valuable in my hands. I'm glad I chose to go even though it was scary. I felt like I belong. And I guess to find where you belong takes courage... but courage is not an absence of fear, it's us conquering it.