You know I've been thinking about how did I got to this point. Where did it all started? What was my inspiration? And as you already know I'm doing game development since 2014 while the current game I'm working on is being in development since 2018, but that's actually not where it all originated.

The first attempt to create a videogame was already in 2010. I knew a guy who know how to script in Adobe Flash and we agreed on making a game. I was suppose to write the story and create the artwork and this guy would be scripting it. But man, I wis I remember how did I met this guy, I have no idea. Anyway we haven't got too far and I don't event remember why.

This of course doesn't answer the question why did I even wanted to start? I loved playing adventure games as I was little. My most favorite was a czech game called Polda. A 2D comedy adventure game. Huh, well isn't that quite similiar to what I'm doing right now? Though studios were slowly stopping doing point and click adventure games in general, main passion to this genre remained.

So yes, I think those adventure games I loved and played as a kid are the reason I wanted to create my own game eventually, but I don't think I would have ever started unless I started doing animations first. And that happend in 2007. I was just browsing the internet and I run into a amateur animated video and I've absolutely loved it. I was watching it over and over until I've found out the creator had his own website and forum. I became part of the community quite quickly and it didn't even take long for me wanting to be a part of it.
Before this I was drawing a lot of comics while being bored in school and this showed me, that it's possible to create something even more complex and alive even when you're just a one little guy. I was so excited about it. This is where did I started animating my own stuff and I knew basically right from the start that this is something I want to do in life. Creating an art.

In 2014 I was doing animations with my friend who happened to love adventure games as well. We both had this dream of creating our own adventure game and for some reason this was the time we thought we could actually do it, like now even though we are just two little guys. We also saw that making animations for Youtube is not very efficient from the point of making money. And we started working on our game... till 2018 when we ended the project.

And that's it, I guess, but If I were to tell you what's my biggest inspiration right now while doing the current videogame I would tell you it's TV shows. Yeah, not videogames, I barely even play anything anymore. Ain't that a little strange though? Anyway that's also the reason why I tend to make the game very cinematic and very story driven. One of the shows that had the biggest impact on me would probably be Prison Break and Calicornication. How can you combine Prison Break and Californication? Well I'm trying to combine both thriller and comedy in my game afterall.