Fuck, I Missed You
Out of a sudden you were gone and I was confused and lost. What am I gonna do without you? Who am I without you? I've never been this confused in my entire live. But you're back and I love you! I've got my drive and motivation back. But what happend? Where did it go?
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2D Optimalization: Part One
Optimalization is important, especially when it comes to 2D games which are heavy on resources. At first optimalization doesn't sound as anything exciting or creative but as it turned out it's not quite the truth. I'm still a beginner to optimalization but I want to share the methods I've acquired over the time I've been using Unity. My primary issues so far were always a huge amount of resources that caused my scenes to have a long loading times as well as making the build size quite big. So the goal is to reduce both. Note that this post will be focused on optimazing a 2D game in Unity engine.
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No such thing as a release date
In the first dev blog here at Early Feelings I've told you I won't be posting about the progress of the game. This is an update on this topic. My game won't have a release date. To keep me safe.
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Where did it all started?
You know I've been thinking about how did I got to this point. Where did it all started? What was my inspiration? And as you already know I'm doing game development since 2014 while the current game I'm working on is being in development since 2018, but that's actually not where it all originated.
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Getting the size finally right
There's one thing in Unity that was really irritating me but I've finally managed to get it right. While Unity UI layouts are pretty sweet, they can also be quite tricky. I want to share this in case someone else runs into a similiar problem as it cost me a lot of pain.
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Developer Blog
Welcome to the story of my game. A lot has happened since 2014 where the game has its roots. The actual development has started in april 2018.

I'll be sharing my thoughts and ideas as well the news though that's not gonna be the main focus.

The game is being developed in Unity3D and Adobe Animate CC.
The team
Hi, I'm Keks.
I'm currently working on the game alone. I've started doing animations in 2007 and since 2010 I'm a member of the animation Madmen Pictures studio. This game is my solo project.
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Keks 🍪
Artist, Animator & Game Developer
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Early Feelings
An Indie Game Development Studio
🍪 @pickeks
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