Why I've switched to a different engine
I'm developing Unjustness in Unity3D but it's not the engine where I started. It was Visionaire Studio an engine I felt in love with. It's an engine made directly for making point&click genre and that's where I was going at the beginning as well. I gotta say it's a great engine but there are two big downsides. There's currently only one developer working on it and thus it takes a long time for a new update to arrive. The second was a bug fixing. But that's not the main reason I've switched - well partly.
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Too many items
My game is inspired by point&click adventure genre as I used to love these games and they are actually what originally made me to want create my own game and even though my game will be possible to control via keyboard the core concept remains the same - well most of the times.
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Early Feelings Studio
Maybe some of you already know me but in case you don't here is a short story of my game. In 2014 I've started with my friend Patrik developing our first video game. We worked on it until the fall of 2017 when we found out the game isn't really working in the sense that we didn't know what we were doing and there were some mistakes that couldn't be easily fixed. We decided to start over and started writing a new script. We already knew for some time that our visions began to diverge but only when we started writing it we saw ho much.
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Developer Blog
Welcome to the story of my game. A lot has happened since 2014 where the game has its roots. The actual development has started in april 2018.

I'll be sharing my thoughts and ideas as well the news though that's not gonna be the main focus.

The game is being developed in Unity3D and Adobe Animate CC.
The team
I'm currently working on the game alone. I've started doing animations since 2007 and since 2010 I'm a member of the animation Madmen Pictures studio. This game is my solo project.
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Keks 🍪
Artist, Animator & Game Developer
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Early Feelings
An Indie Game Development Studio
🍪 @pickeks
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