I've finished the script for the game today. It was a completely different experience than writing a script for a movie. It made me study things I would never expect to be studying. There was many questions I was looking answers for, some of them took me maybe even weeks to answer. But doing this kind of research was fun.
When I started writing the script I had a choice, I could either use bunch of cliches and proven schemes or try to experiment. The second approach is risky but also beautiful, because there's passion and passion is the thing that it's all about for me. There's also the thing that success is never guaranteed, no matter how good game you will create or how safe path you will choose. There's simply no guarantee. So my choise was simple, I chose to experiment.

I remember that usually when I happened to be part of some group projects like school projects or other projects involving a group of people, theye saw my ideas too crazy, too bizare or too weird and didn't really let me use them. But don't get me wrong, it's not even about the people not liking it but about the people not feeling comfortable using it.
But this is my solo project and I could write it however I wanted to and because I love those ideas and they are what makes me so passionate about making art, I've decided to based the whole game on them.
You will laugh, you will cry and hopefully It will keep suprising you. Even the question why gay needs to reach an orgams has been successfully answered. And he will reach it, don't worry.

So now I'm finished with the script and I can't wait to see your reactions. And here comes the phase two of the development, coding. So you may expect some posts related to Unity engine and my experiences from using it in the near future.