Maybe some of you already know me but in case you don't here is a short story of my game.

In 2014 I've started with my friend Patrik developing our first video game. We worked on it until the fall of 2017 when we found out the game isn't really working in the sense that we didn't know what we were doing and there were some mistakes that couldn't be easily fixed.
We decided to start over and started writing a new script. We already knew for some time that our visions began to diverge but only when we started writing it we saw ho much.

Only a few days later Patrik came to me that he's leaving the project and he's gonna start working on a completely new game on his own, so he left this game to me. I was angry at first as I thought this is something one person can't manage alone, but after a two months of break I've decided to keep working on it and I'm glad I did. On April 22, 2018 the game Unjustness was originated. I've started writing a fresh new script based on what we were writing together.

Maybe the original game didn't work out, but the good news is this is how I've actually learned making videogames.

Developer blogs

This developer blogs won't be focused on the development progress of the game. Honestly I don't know when the game will be finished and it's no longer even important to me. I don't have any deadlines or working schedules. I don't even focus on making the game successful anymore, however strange it may sound. What is really important to me is that I like it. And that's it, really. I just don't want to be under pressure the way I was as I want to be enjoying the development again.

Though I will gradually be notyfying important news.