It's frightening. You have it in your head for so long yet when it comes you feel like you're not ready. 
In just a few days I'm coming to a game developer conference. One of my dreams is to create a videogame and I'm going to this conference to meet other artists and possibly even show someone what I'm working on. And it frightens me.

Everything I've done has been leading me to this conference but in the same time I'm not sure if I belong there. I'm scared cause something inside me thinks I'm really just someone who's pretending to be a game developer.

But I'm not. And coming to this conference is sort of a dream coming true. For the bigger part of the time I do game development, I did it in secret. I feel this desire to meet and connect with other artists and developers as I barely know anyone. And even if I'm scared I believe this is where I belong, these are the people I want to have in my life.

And I'm thinking how will the day when the actual dream will come true look like? Will I feel ready? I'm sure it will be beautiful though.