My game is inspired by point&click adventure genre as I used to love these games and they are actually what originally made me to want create my own game and even though my game will be possible to control via keyboard the core concept remains the same - well most of the times. 

Now, the puzzle design of these games was mainly based on using and combinig items and I did always liked that but when I was designing my game I've started seeing items differently.

My problem with items is that there's only so much you can do with them and thus the puzzles can't get too logical, not the way I would like it. As you have given items and objects and you know exactly what you are working with it's really only about the correct combination of specific items and objects and for some reason the puzzles just felt too easy to me which actually caused me doing the puzzles too hard. So I've decided to try a different approach and tried doing puzzles without items - or rather just limit them.

But it's still a 2D illustrated story based game. I want the puzzles to feel authetic within the game story. It can't be an island filled with logical puzzles all over it, everything needs a reason for why it exists and why it's there. If there's a special mechanism to open a door someone had to build it for a reason. So it took some time to come up with something but somehow I've managed it and this way I enjoyed the process of puzzle designing much more. The first chapter uses only 4 items, the others slightly more. I still wanted to keep some of them as items are the essence of adventure games after all.

What do you think about items? Do you like when game has many of them? Share your thoughts with me in in the comments.