I was talking to my friend Patrik about mine and his game, about the game stories and theirs endings. We are both trying to say something deeply personal and important to us to the world. I'm starting to understand more why we couldn't agree on so many things at the end of our shared development. We are both trying to say something completely different.

At first we weren't really trying to say anything, it was just a bunch of funny situations stitched together really. Until the end we didn't even know how the game is gonna end and we already had three finished chapters of the actual game. But deep down we knew what we wanted to say, but were only on our way of figuring it out. So i see the original game we were making together as preparation for the games we are making now.

So what is it that I'm trying to say? The game is about justice and revenge and the difference between them. It's about being a prisoner of your past for too long. What do I know about that? Well I guess you're gonna have to play it to find out. I find it interesting that we just started to write a story we thought could be interesting and funny, only later we found out it's going deep from our souls. But I guess that's what art is about really. We trying to express ourselves, trying to say something to the world. And the more we can be honest to ourselves the better story we can write.