I'm developing Unjustness in Unity3D but it's not the engine where I started. It was Visionaire Studio an engine I felt in love with. It's an engine made directly for making point&click genre and that's where I was going at the beginning as well. I gotta say it's a great engine but there are two big downsides. There's currently only one developer working on it and thus it takes a long time for a new update to arrive. The second was a bug fixing. But that's not the main reason I've switched - well partly.

As as time wass passing I've started reaching beyond the point&click genre and I was looking for a ways to achieve what I wanted in Visionaire Studio and the beauty of the engine is that if you are creative there's actually a lot you can achieve even though the engine is not directly made for that. The problem was that these creative ways often got stucked at bugs you wouldn't usually encounter and thus they didn't have the priority to be fixed soon.

Now a lot of stuff could be done in theory then, not all though. Later the development of the game I was originally working on stopped and I've started working on the game Unjustness. That means to be scripting from start and that's when I started to play with the thought of a different engine and it happened to be Unity3D. It's still a 2D game though but it has its advantages to be using a 3D engine for a 2D games.

This month it will be a year since the switch. Some new interesting new features arrived in Visionaire Studio since then and even though it's not the best engine for what I'm trying to achieve right now I can still recommend it.