Getting the size finally right
There's one thing in Unity that was really irritating me but I've finally managed to get it right. While Unity UI layouts are pretty sweet, they can also be quite tricky. I want to share this in case someone else runs into a similiar problem as it cost me a lot of pain.
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Both good and bad for the same reasons
I've been meaning to write a post about game engines for a while now. My first game engine was Visionaire studio. I was using it for 3.5 years before I've switched to Unity engine. Now after some time of active use of Unity I'm finally able to tell whether it was a good decision or not. I loved Visionaire, it looked modern and it was really easy to use but the same reasons that makes Visionaire studio an amazing engine are the same that also made me leave it.
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Something else instead
I've been playing with shaders the last days. Even though they seems like some kind of a dark voodoo magic they truly are amazing. They are basically just a bunch of complicated math of how to render pixels on a screen. I was making a heat haze effect for some of my desert scenes and some bush/grass swaying. That sounds pretty simple, right?
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Art is full of risk
I've finished the script for the game today. It was a completely different experience than writing a script for a movie. It made me study things I would never expect to be studying. There was many questions I was looking answers for, some of them took me maybe even weeks to answer. But doing this kind of research was fun.
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Come on, dreamer
This post is a follow-up story on a previous post "Having a dream come true". I'm back from the dev conference. It was an interesting and powerful experience. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. Because of my anxiety issues I'm having a difficult times talking to strangers yet they were the main reason I was actually going there.
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Developer Blog
Welcome to the story of my game. A lot has happened since 2014 where the game has its roots. The actual development has started in april 2018.

I'll be sharing my thoughts and ideas as well the news though that's not gonna be the main focus.

The game is being developed in Unity3D and Adobe Animate CC.
The team
Hi, I'm Keks.
I'm currently working on the game alone. I've started doing animations in 2007 and since 2010 I'm a member of the animation Madmen Pictures studio. This game is my solo project.
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Keks 🍪
Artist, Animator & Game Developer
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Early Feelings
An Indie Game Development Studio
🍪 @pickeks
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